I discovered my love for theatre when I was 9 years old after I attended my first Idaho Shakespeare Festival summer camp. This experience was the first of many that would inspire and push me to pursue acting further in school as my interests narrowed, participating in various productions and theatre classes.  Today, I'm a recent graduate of Furman University, working as a freelance theatre artist located in Greenville, South Carolina where I've appeared onstage in local company productions and am working with high schools in the community as a guest artist for construction and design.

Upon graduating from Boise High School in 2013, I made the official decision to attend Furman University on the James B. Duke Scholarship, where I was drawn to the liberal arts philosophy established throughout the campus and its theatre department.  Although born and raised in Boise, Idaho, I was looking for an opportunity to return to South Carolina where my family has lived for generations, with the goal of complimenting my search for identity through both undergraduate theatre training and a personal discovery of culture and genealogy. Being with family that I didn't know much throughout my life was incredibly transformative and helped me discover who I was, who I wanted to be and where I came from as an actor and a human being.  While at Furman, I worked to continue my development as a well-rounded theatre artist by taking courses in theatre history, design, and crafts in addition to acting and directing courses. I also focused on the development of my craft of acting while earning roles in nine of the university's mainstage productions and two through the department's student organization.

I now work with a passion to bring theatre to audiences who typically don't have opportunities to experience art. I plan to continue evolving as an actor using theatre to teach, challenge, communicate, experiment and inspire. I am dedicated to the building of an artistic community that breaks through social and economic barriers, allowing theatre to be available for all.